how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

How to Create blog with blogger in 2020? I want to tell you how to start bloggingBlogging is an easy way to start with your different skills and different knowledge you can share with users. 

Blogging is equipping multiple web pages with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

When you start form blogging with blogger you get a free domain and hosting  Then another option you have to buy one domain and hosting form any web domain provider.

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

Why you start Blogging ?

You have many reasons to start blogging but first, you need one niche to start bloggingBlogging can help you become a better writer, can make you some money on the side, or give you a platform for sharing your ideas and your knowledge with everyone.

Some of the most common reasons people start a blog include:

  • You’ll become a better writer.
  • make some money
  • better thinkers express creative ideas.
  • To share knowledge with others that want to learn a new skill.
  •  inspire others.
  • It’s free.
  • earnings at home.
  • blogging makes you creative.
  • Start affiliate for earning money without expending any money

Lets start and follow my steps then you get better success. 

You have two start blogging with :-

1. blogger

2. WordPress

Before you starting a Blogging you have to find a perfect niche for blogging.

Than choose your topic.

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Food Recipe
  • Educational
  • Television
  • Technology
  • Pets
  • Social news
  • Life style
  • Songs
  • Movies
  • Business
  • tutorials
  • teaching lessons
  • scientific things
  • travel
  • photos
  • startup business
  • finance
  • Rating
  • Gym

There so many topic but you have  to choose only topic related your niche.

Than You have to create a google account it is an important for start blogging because blogger is part of google you need to sign up with google account. 

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ? 1

Sign in with your google account.

After login you get a home page. 

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

This is your complete home page. 

Now you have to follow some steps one by one

1. Click on create blog 

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

Then give a name of your website in Title box.

then choose a web address of website called as url. This is the name of your domain. Its completely free. example:-

Then choose your website template its completely free you need a paid template to visit store 

Then click on Create a blog.

After done this
then click your first new post and create a post and then publish.

But the most important thing find the best and relevant keyword for your post because the keyword helps you to grow your blogger.

You are not finding a relevant you don’t get any traffic on your website. Read my other article on how to research a relevant keyword.

Here is the step to create a blog.

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

Then Fix some setting it helps to grow your blog follow this steps

Done some basic setting 

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?
how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

Write a brief description under 150 words.

how to create a blog with blogger 2020 ?

Now all things are done.

Further steps you have check:-

Then you click on stats. You have to check the traffic of your blogs.
You click on earning then you add your website with AdSense then you start earning money with blogger but you have to after 90 days because Adsense not approve your blog.
But you have to do affiliate marketing with bloggers.

You done all things then don’t forget to index your blog on google.

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